Environmental Credentials

Nutshell Environmental CredentialsThe Environment is our business.

The environment and how we care for it is at the top of our agenda at Nutshell.

No individual or business can be entirely carbon neutral, but we can all do our best to reduce the impact we have on our environment as best we can.

Nutshell uses only naturally sourced raw materials including oils, herbs and minerals to produce carbon-free products for everyday use and our approach is radical as it takes a holistic view of all the issues involved in sourcing materials, manufacture, application and disposal, i.e. the whole life span of a product including packaging.

The desire to make a positive contribution to reducing carbon emissions and the effect they have on global warming provides common ground with our customers.

They come from every walk of life from environmentally aware families to eco-businesses, public authorities and institutions striving to improve their social responsibility and lowering their carbon footprint.

All of us can make that first step and make that first contribution.

We share a philosophy – Think Global, Act Local!

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