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Why Choose Non Toxic Paint?

Why Choose Non Toxic Paint? Respiratory distress, birth defects, cancer, asthma… four good reasons to take care that your home environment is literally as safe as (eco friendly) houses. Most commercial paints release organic compounds that readily evaporate into the air. These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) include benzene, toluene, naphthalene, methyl chloroform and formaldehyde –…
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Nursery Decorating, Dangerous Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Here are 5 Common Nursery Decorating mistakes you can easily avoid. Designing a nursery or just preparing for a happy event? Avoid these five potentially dangerous Nursery Decorating Mistakes. We all want our home to be “as safe as possible”, especially the rooms where your baby will be spending a large amount of time. Minimising the…
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Your Guide to Low VOC and Non-Toxic Paint for Eco Friendly Houses

This guide to buying low VOC, Non Toxic Paint aims to provide you with the tools you need to make the best purchasing decision. Maybe you’ve been planning on turning the spare bedroom or unused dining room into a cool home-office. You’ve brought home the paint sample pages and have chosen the colour. But there…
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Eco Friendly Houses avoid these Three Risks To Your Family’s Health.

Parents concerned for the health of their family are increasingly aware of the need for child friendly paint when building and renovating. There are three main risks to health from using standard paints. The first of these are from the toxic fumes, aggravating respiratory diseases. The second risk is from introducing carcinogenic poisons into the home.…
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