Why Choose Non Toxic Paint?

Why Choose Non Toxic Paint? Respiratory distress, birth defects, cancer, asthma… four good reasons to take care that your home environment is literally as safe as (eco friendly) houses.

Most commercial paints release organic compounds that readily evaporate into the air. These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) include benzene, toluene, naphthalene, methyl chloroform and formaldehyde – all blamed for contributing to sick building syndrome, short term and long adverse health effects.

VOCs also emit smog-producing pollutants into the environment as the organic solvents in the paint evaporate. This chemical cocktail mixes with nitrous oxides to form ozone, blamed for resulting in shortness of breath, chest pain, asthma, pulmonary inflammation, along with increased risk of respiratory infections.

The solution is to choose zero-VOC, low odour paint that won't give off gas hazardous fumes in your new nursery. Even zero-VOC paints have some amount of toxins, caution experts like Dierdre Dolan and Alexandra Zissu, authors of “The Complete Organic Pregnancy”. Rooms to be well-ventilated at all times vulnerable people, such as pregnant and nursing Mums, the very young and the elderly should not be present while the room is being painted.

Non toxic and eco friendly paint can be hard to find. Nutshell Paints of Exeter, Devon, are free from chemical solvents and made from naturally-derived raw materials, such as citrus peel extracts, essential oils, seed oils, tree resins, inert mineral fillers, tree and bee waxes, lead-free dryers, and natural pigments.

Inspired by the family behind Nutshell Paints who were searching for a healthy, child friendly paint to use in their own home, Nutshell Paints use renewable, non-toxic clay and mineral pigments, along with a soy-based resin. The paints are low odor, silica-free, and antimicrobial. The waterborne formula is available as both a primer and a topcoat in eg-shell, flat and semi-gloss finishes. All products are child friendly, non toxic, low odour and eco friendly paint.

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