Thermo Emulsions

Thermo Emulsions

insulation…in a tin. The paint that acts like a flask.

Thermo Emulsion technology and Micro technology makes NUTSHELL Thermo Emulsion thermal insulating and water repelling. NUTSHELL Thermo Emulsion ‘blocks’ thermal transfer and protects against moisture making the paint water repelling. It protects against water condensation resisting mould growth on walls. Thermal energy ‘travels’ through walls and other surfaces. Therefore large amounts of energy are required for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

NUTSHELL Thermo Emulsion will not only reflect thermal radiation but will also resist heat transfer through various surfaces!

Triple action

The triple action of NUTSHELL Thermo Emulsion; thermal radiation reflectance, the resistance to heat transfer and water repellence, contribute to the protection of interior or exterior painted surfaces and the energy efficiency of buildings. Reflecting thermal radiation and resisting heat transfer means you benefit from; an increase in your energy efficiency, a reduction in your CO2 footprint, and a more comfortable environment. NUTSHELL Thermo Emulsion water repelling feature of the nano particles helps to protect the paint from moisture so extending the lifetime of the paint and maintains the thermal insulating property. Further, it reduces temperature variation on walls (thermal bridges), protecting against water condensation and bacteria or mould growth.

Independent standards testing institution, CRES, the Centre of Renewable Energy Sources & Savings in Greece, certify that the use of Surfapore ThermoDry Nano Technology used in NUTSHELL Thermo Emulsion reduces thermal conductivity by at least 4 times (0.1292 W/(m.K), EN12667) and reflects over 92% of thermal radiation.

These products are fully microporous.

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