Earth and Mineral Pigments

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Nutshell Earth and Mineral Pigments area a range of natural pigments, derived from earth and rock. Our Earth and Mineral Pigments contain no toxins or heavy metals.

These pigments can be used in virtually any medium, to achieve an enormous range of effects.

See the Colour Chart below for the full range of colour samples.

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The Nutshell palette consists of pigments that have been selected for purity, consistency and clarity of colour in order to give you the best possible finishes when mixing with our paints and wood treatments.

Our pigments have been prepared to assist easy dispersion and mixing in our products. Most of our pigments are rich and deep colours and even suitable for making your own artist paints.

Key to Colour CodingKey to Colour Coding

101eco3 - add 75g of Slate Grey Pigment to 5 litres Super Eco Emulsion
120cas4 - add 150g of Sunshine Yellow Pigment to 5 litres Super Cas Emulsion
127cas5 - add 500g of Colcothan Purple Pigment to 5 litres Super Cas Emulsion

Earth and Mineral Pigments Colours:

101 Slate Grey
102 Earth Green
104 Umber Brown
105 Ochre Yellow
107 Sienna Yellow
108 Sienna Red
110 Iron Oxide Red
112 Iron Oxide Black
113 Ultramarine Pink
114 Ultramarine Violet
115 Ultramarine Blue
119 Ochre Red
121 Persian Red
122 Vermilion
123 Bright Green
124 Sea Green
125 Bright Orange
126 Ochre Orange
127 Colcothar Purple
128 German Ochre Brown
129 English Red
203 Imperial Turquoise

Colours and tones can never be exactly reproduced by viewing on a PC or by printing from a computer.

Earth and Mineral Pigments

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